Weekly Financials

Weekly Financials

Weekly Financial Statements are specifically designed to help operators see financial performance compared to budgets and forecasts. Our weekly reporting of financial and key performance indicators (KPI) allows you to quickly and easily view your performance and determine areas of improvement.

Multi-Level Reporting

Weekly financials can be created on demand for the store level, regional level, and corporate level. This allows the different layers of management to focus on their areas of responsibility: The store manager will see only their store, while the regional manager can see all their stores plus a “rolled up” or consolidated statement showing the performance of just their stores.  Top management can see everything and take action when necessary.

Drill Down to Invoices

Starting with top-level financial statements, you can drill down on any item all the way down to the underlying invoice images. This feature allows operators to review any expense and see the supporting documentation.

Single Database

A single database feature makes for a comprehensive view of your organization. The Restaurant ONE database architecture means the exact data that populates the weekly financial statement is used to compute the monthly financial statement. Hence, if one had 4-4-5 accounting periods or 5-4-4 accounting periods, the last weekly financial statement for the month would tie to the penny to the official end of the period financial statement.

Flexible Monthly and Weekly Reporting

The Restaurant ONE System has been created to accommodate hospitality clients that have a calendar month for their accounting period but still need weekly reporting for the benefit of operations. In this case, the source data is always the same (obtained from a single database). No longer do you have to dedicate essential and costly resources to monthly and weekly reporting as the Restaurant ONE System accurately handles these processes quickly and with dependable results.