Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

The Restaurant ONE Accounts Payable Module is designed to save time and costs by streamlining the processing of invoices. Delivering greater control, timely information, deeper insights, more transparency, and intelligent workflow achieves the streamlining. All this is achieved and more in our unified system.

Greater Control

Centralizing the Accounts Payable function allows visibility to all interested parties. The status of an invoice can be seen, when it has been paid, and when the check was cleared. The stores (if authorized) can perform a number of inquiries. For example, what specific Sysco invoices were entered for the week and whether the Sysco credit was posted? The Restaurant ONE System is designed to allow invoice information to be entered at the store, at the corporate office, or both. Once the information is entered and checked, it instantly updates the Restaurant ONE System, which makes the information available at all levels of the organization — accounting, finance, management, and operations. We believe in providing all hospitality businesses, no matter how big or how small, the flexibility and control needed to maintain a competitive edge.

One System – Many Bank Accounts

The Restaurant ONE Accounts Payable Module is a single system, with a single database. The system contains data for multiple corporations with different bank accounts. This allows for efficiency in a system where all the corporations are managed together. This also provides the practicality of separating accounting postings by each corporation. The system includes the ability to print checks with different bank account information. The system then allows the automatic printing of checks where the Restaurant ONE system automatically changes bank accounts when printing checks. The more automated and accurate the system, the better your business can perform.

Vendor Management

At Restaurant ONE, we understand the importance of security in every transaction for your business. We have incorporated specialized vendor management tools in which select people are authorized to make changes to vendor’s information and additions are automatically logged. These logs will be part of an inquiry allowing management to view vendor changes.

Flexible Invoice Entry

Invoice data can be entered in multiple ways. The invoice data can be entered at the store where the General Ledger accounts are “preset” for a particular vendor, making entry quick and easy. The invoice data can be entered at the corporate office, or the invoice data can be uploaded from an Excel file. Finally, it can be transmitted via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Irrespective of the entry method, every invoice is audited for the correctness of General Ledger accounts, departments, and reasonable amounts. Each invoice is validated using specific business rules, including rules about entering old invoices more than 60 days past or rules about duplicate invoice numbers, and more. By presenting a flexible invoice entry system, your business can tailor its functions for more accurate results.

Scheduling Payments

To ensure that scheduled payments are carried out according to company policy, the Restaurant ONE System automatically schedules invoices for payment based on the terms of your business, for example, net 30. Alternatively, an invoice can be set for payment on a particular date such as a rent check that is always paid on the 15th of the month. If you wish to alter these scheduled payments, you can easily change the due dates. Using the unpaid invoice data, the Restaurant ONE system computes the projected cash flow requirements according to due dates.

Workflow Support

The Restaurant ONE Accounts Payable Module supports a smooth and streamlined workflow, where the entry, verification, and authorization of payment, by design, can be performed by different individuals. Each person involved in the process has a defined responsibility ensuring each invoice is approved by multiple operators for safe and accurate results. As the Restaurant ONE System is 100% cloud-based, the approval process is completed over secure internet access.