Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Restaurant ONE provides a comprehensive, real-time view of your business. It presents current results as compared to budgets, forecasts, and prior years. 24 x 7 access allows you to monitor, compare, and respond to business conditions in a timely manner.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly

The use of a single database architecture and that all postings are immediately updated facilitates creating financial statements on demand — whether daily, weekly or monthly. These tools allow management to foresee the business conditions and respond proactively.

Drill Down

Starting with the top-level financial statements, you can drill all the way down to images of the underlying invoices.

Widely Available

As all information is in the secure cloud; store managers, regional managers, top management and investors, based on their access privileges, can view the financials wherever they are and on whatever device they have (desktop, tablet, smartphone). Making faster and more accurate decisions are facilitated.

Flexible Presentations

The Restaurant ONE System offers a variety of flexible formats. You can select a traditional actual, budget/forecast, or last year format with percentages. A side-by-side format allows one to view all the stores or all the stores for a region side-by-side. There are special presentations just for investors based on the investors’ requirements. There are specialized pre-opening statements for stores under construction.

Management Structures Determine Access

You can easily specify access to financial statements based on the user’s duties and responsibilities. An example, a store manager can only view his store, a regional manager can only see their group of stores, and VP of operations can view all stores. The opportunity for role-based accessibility will improve ownership of their area of the business and support its underlying success.

Automatic Consolidations

Any group of locations can be combined into a consolidated statement. As an example, all stores for a specific regional manager can be combined into a consolidated statement delivering visibility on the performance of that region.